Benefits of Computer Network (2023)

Can you imagine a world without online shopping, Online Newspapers, Emails, Blogs, Social media, and the other services offered by the internet which is also called inter-network?. To know what are the Benefits of Computer Network keep reading this article till the end.

The internet has grown significantly over the years with people and businesses using it more and more for basic and essential needs. People of all ages rely on the internet, including kids going to school. Children are a suitable example to consider in this case. They might need next day print delivery services for their school projects and assignments. In this case, either they can seek assistance from their parents or have it printed themselves using the internet and smartphones. Likewise, today it’s also easier for homes to find a variety of network providers, such as xfinity internet, that can provide a safe, reliable internet connection no matter where they are.

Before knowing the Benefits of Computer Network, you need to have a clear understanding of what is Computer Networking? A computer network can be defined as two or more than two computers are connected to share information and resources and these computer networks can be set up by the network or IT admins.

Computer networking plays a vital role in every business and if someone is running the business then he/she may understand how important it is to have a high quality of IT and Network services.

To implement all these IT and Network services you need to communicate with the good IT services provider, only they may tell you what can be the best solution for you according to your business needs. However, day by day technology is evolving and thus the Networking.

In the initial days, we were using big similar desktops for the sharing of information or any other computational services which are connected by using multiple cables but today’s networking is much more flexible and does not require much human intervene.

Nowadays, networking is moving more towards wireless so that devices may use the feature of mobility like we use laptops, smartphones, and smart TVs and these devices may get placed anywhere and still can be connected to the network.

The important Advantages/Benefits of Computer Network and uses are the following.

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  • File sharing

It provides access to digital media, such as a computer, programs, electronic book or documents. Common methods of storage and transmission include manual sharing utilizing removable media, centralized servers on computer networks.

  • Application sharing

It enables two or more users to access a shared application or software over the network with the help of the client/server application.

  • Hardware sharing

In hardware, sharing users can access hardware devices like Printer, Hard disk, Ram, etc. with the help centralized computer or device.

  • User Communication:

Networks allow users to communicate using e-mail, newsgroups, and video conferencing, etc.

  • Network Gaming

A user can get the Advantage of gaming over the network as it also provides network gaming where two or more users can play a game from a different location. As technology has advanced over the years, gaming has become something that has latched onto the ride with the development of many gaming systems being put out there for gamers to enjoy, from new PlayStations being released with exclusive games that can be played with friends through their network, to virtual reality technology creating VR porn games for older players. There is a lot that can be done with the gaming sector.

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  • Voice over/IP

Voice over Internet Protocol (IP) is a revolutionary change in telecommunication that allows to send telephone calls (voice data) using standard Internet Protocol (IP) rather than by traditional PSTN.

  • Time

It reduces the time of sending any information anywhere in the world as it delivered the information faster than any physical transportation.

  • Distance

We can send any information across the world even you are sitting at a place in the world just you need a network and this enables you to send any information anywhere in the world.

  • Cost

It is very cheaper than the physical transportation of any information but with the help of the internet, it can be transmitted in a very small amount.

These were the Advantages of Computer Network, except it, there are also much more things which I have mentioned below.

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Want to know how computer networking can be beneficial for Business

A good deployed network solution may give benefits to the business and save money. Moreover, networking can be used to host data in the servers or store data in the storage such as NAS and SAN globally so that the information from these storages can be retrieved from anywhere.

With the network sharing feature, you may share information with users of the same network and thus it may help you in the redundancy.

During expansion, most companies might also look for IT support, a reliable one. From cybersecurity-related issues to any tech-related ones, these service providers could be of assistance. They can also enable a common platform where anybody may upload their information and data, into the global storage and afterward, the shared information can also be used by the other users.

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Networking helps the users to complete and share their work as soon as possible and hence, saves time and money also.

We may say with the help of networking companies provide their services to the world. Have a look at the following points about Benefits of Computer Network.

  1. Resource Sharing: We use networking so that resources and information can be shared among the users. Like in the corporate environment we use a single storage device to store the information of the user such as the FTP server and many others.

    From the FTP servers, the user may retrieve information or upload information and the information or data can be shared among the users, using the same network.

Let’s say if the company has only two printers and the users are more than 20 then, in this case, we need 20 printers for each user so that they can use the printer separately.

They can also go to the place of the computer where the printer is attached but this may get a tedious and tiring task, every time one needs print out then he needs to go to the place of the computer where the printer is attached.

With the help of networking, we can make those two printers available to the whole network so that whenever the user is using our network then he/she will be able to use the printer.

After making printers available to the whole network, users may give print commands from their computers and thus just need to take the print out from the printer.

This sharing of printers over the network, helps the users to complete their tasks within the deadline and also decreases the cost of the company as in terms they do not need to invest in more printers.

These Benefits of Computer Network can save money for the company or the organization.


  1. Helpful in storage solutions: Networking helps you to use the storage device globally which means you may access important data from the storage device irrespective of your location. Let’s say there are 40 users and you have provided 1 TB storage to every user.

    Some of the users don’t need 1TB storage and thus remaining storage would go into waste. With the help of networking, we may create single combined storage that can be accessed over the network by the users.

    When we work within the team then there may be files and data that require the involvement of other team members also and in this case, files need to be stored in the global storage so that everyone may access the files according to the needs.

    With the help of networking, we may also apply restrictions on some files so that the users having access can only retrieve the files. Instead of using single storage for everyone, we should use one single combined storage to access files and data along with some restrictions if needed.

  2. Allowed to choose networking methods according to the business needs: In the initial days, there were problems in configuring the devices with correct hardware and resources over the network.

    There was a limitation in choosing the operating system because you needed to choose the operating system according to the hardware resources you had but these days networking is more flexible and you may use different devices like laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets over the network.

  3. Provides mobility: If we talk about the old days, we used to have big screen desktops with huge processing units and to complete the work we used to sit in a single location for a long time but with the help of today’s networking we may do our work from anywhere by connecting the device to the network.

    Laptops, palmtops, tablets provide us the mobility through which we are free to do our work anywhere.

  4. Effective cost management on software: Many providers provide a software version of the network or server.

    Like windows provide office 365 services, you need to install it on your device and thus you may access all the applications of the windows such as Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, and word also.

    One more example is the windows server, you may install a server in one centralized system and then you may use the services in all the other client systems.

  5. More flexibility in using the centralized database: With the help of networking we may host our database in the centralized device and then we may use it to do our daily tasks like seeing information, updating information, and many others.

    These centralized databases are helpful for people who are working in customer support as they can see the user information from their devices and may resolve their queries accordingly and if the particular customer executive is not available then others may check the user’s updated information to check the issues. so these Benefits of Computer Network can help a lot if you implement in this way.

  6. Security of Data: With the increase in technology day by day, the number of cases of cybercrimes has been increasing also. So, it is very important to secure your network and confidential information from the outside world or hackers.
    To avoid these situations, one needs to network security practices to secure the network.

Some devices that we use in the networks are the following devices:

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  1. Switch: Most used networking devices nowadays used for local area network connection.
  2. Router: It is used to send the user data from one network to another network.
  3. Firewall: It is a security networking device that monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic of the network.
  4. Computers: These are the devices that are used by the end-users to complete their daily task. These computers or laptops may come with different operating systems like Windows, Linux, and many others.
  5. NAS or SAN: These are the centralized storages that are attached to the network and available for the users having the network access.
  6. Network Printers: These are the printers wherein IP address is assigned and these printers can be accessed by the users over the network for the printout.

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